Photographer Uses the Golden Ratio to Compose Cinematic Images Full of Drama

As an art student, Jon Sparkman was introduced to the Rule of Thirds, which are guidelines for how to compose an image. Essentially, the picture is divided into a grid, and the intersecting points are where the impactful parts of the picture should take place. Sparkman, however, makes use of its “superior, wiser, and elusive brother,” the Golden Ratio (aka the Fibonacci Spiral) to construct his compositions. The UK-based photographer demonstrates how the Golden Ratio creates a dynamic image that’s less static and more engaging than the Rule of Thirds. Its sweeping curve and tight coil is “like a giant subliminal road sign pointing the eyes towards where you want them to go.” To prove his theory, Sparkman has placed the curve over several of his photographs. By doing so, he showcases areas of drama and movement. Even though these aren’t action-packed shots, the clever arrangement of the characters and environment makes us feel like we’ve stepped into dramatic and/or emotional moment…

Πηγή: Photographer Uses the Golden Ratio to Compose Cinematic Images Full of Drama



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